What is it that breeds creativity?


Andres Oppenheimer is a talented journalist, a good narrator of his stories, which seek to enhance real testimonies where Andres always pursues that his thoughts have a solid source of origin.

He is a very good friend of mine and he was a dear and loyal friend of my Father until his death.

I enjoy his friendship and the facts that he ferments, observes and ages ideas & stories, as only and naturally Andres can deliver it.

Among his writings there is one within his book "Create or Die".

Andres writes, "Creative people look for creative minds, so that they can become major innovation companies”.

What is it that breeds creativity?

It is the presence of another creative person, the idea of creativity is something related to great individual geniuses with who thus are able to help each other. The reality is that creativity is a social process; the greatest advances come from the people from whom they learn, from the people with whom they collaborate, also cities are true sources of creativity.

Innovative minds tend to come together in places that allow them to work outside the rules of traditional corporations, outside the bureaucracy, where they can control the means of production and where they are offered capital and not debt.

Andres Oppenheimer interviews at the University of Toronto, Professor Richard Florida, who asks rhetorically, "What is it that Generates Creativity?” Florida answers that it is the presence of creative people.

The idea that creativity is something related to "Great Individual Geniuses, is a great myth”. Creativity is a social process.

Cities are natural sources of true creativity. 

The Athens of the Classics, The Florence of the Renaissance, Vienna and Paris at the end of the 19th century, New York after the Second World War, London in The Sixties.

There is something common in all these cities, The diversity of its inhabitants are keys to giving birth to great blooms, the social networks that these diverse inhabitants weave, their public spaces where they gather before entertainment events where they spontaneously gather to exchange ideas, emotions, feelings, etc. And the financial organization, with its business infrastructures, were able to turn those ideas into reality.

They never follow Money, Money follows them, the creators. Professor Florida came to this conclusion when he was teaching at Harvard University in Boston.

In every cell of diverse ideas, backgrounds, and cultural behaviors, we can always have a Silicon Valley.

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